The website (hereinafter “website”) belongs to our company MORAITIS BAPTISTIS, which fully complies with all personal data protection laws, giving particular importance to the collection, processing and protection of the personal data of the users of its services.

We aim to ensure the complete security and transparency of users’ personal data, using all technical safeguards as well as internal company regulations concerning our overall operation in this area.

What kind of information we collect

We collect information in order to provide you with the highest quality of service, and the smooth and trouble-free processing of the transaction(s) between us.

Your personal data includes information such as:

How we use information

We use your personal data, exclusively and only for your own benefit, for cases of servicing your requests such as:

How we share your personal data

Your data is stored in an electronic database in a secure environment and the data is protected by a central firewall for DDOS attacks and individual software firewalls, while it is encrypted using the SSL protocol.

We may share your personal data with partner companies in the context of the completion of our franchise agreements and/or with our group companies or subsidiaries, and/or with third parties and trusted third party service providers with whom we engage in order to perform services on our behalf, such as:

We share your personal data only as necessary for a third party to provide the services as required or as needed for or to you. These third parties (and any subcontractors) are subject to strict terms and conditions regarding data processing and are prohibited from using, sharing or retaining your personal data for any purpose other than that of their assigned work ( or without your consent).

Generally, the third party providers used by us will collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary to perform the services they provide to us.

What are your rights and how can you exercise them?

You have at any time and without any conditions of exercise:

  1. The right to object or partially withdraw your consent, i.e. to update your registration preferences regarding the receipt of communications or advertisements (e.g. I do not wish to receive newsletters by e-mail)
  2. The right to delete or fully withdraw your consent, i.e. to exclude yourself and your personal data from receiving communications or advertisements.
  3. The right to portability, i.e. to give us the simple and clear “command” to transfer, acting in your name and on your behalf, all of your personal data held in our file to the file of another named company

You can deactivate your account at any time by visiting the preferences page in your profile.

If you make a request to delete your personal data and that data is necessary for the products or services you have purchased, we will respond to the request only to the extent that it is no longer necessary for any Services to be purchased or is necessary for our company’s legitimate business purposes or for our compliance with legal or contractual record-keeping requirements.

We provide access to website users to ensure full transparency regarding the retention of their personal data that it stores, but also to provide them with the right to manage and delete it at any time they wish.

In any case, you can contact us at the details below and request any information or action regarding your personal data.

Phone: 2283042155

Email: [email protected]

Our company’s Data Protection Officer will respond to you immediately, providing access to any information you desire.

Subscribe to the newsletter list

Through the website, you can subscribe to the newsletter recipient list. During the registration process, your email address is automatically stored in the external service used by the company to send informational messages. This service is provided through the company Mailchimp, which is fully harmonized with the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection. See more information by clicking here.

Contact Forms

The website uses various contact forms which collect necessary information that the company needs to serve your requests. The data is sent only with your consent, since before sending the respective form, the website requires you to accept this text. The data – personal or non-personal – are stored on the website and are protected by the means established by the company to safeguard the personal data of the users of its services.


On the website there is a special area where the company publishes all open jobs in order to collect CVs of candidate partners. During this process you provide your personal data (e.g. name, email, phone) which are stored and processed for the above purpose. Your data is protected and not shared with third parties.

Tracking Codes

To record the behavior of website visitors, various information recording codes from third-party services such as Google Analytics, Facebook and others are used. This information does not contain personal user data and is collected by the above services for various reasons such as website traffic statistics, advertising performance, display of advertising messages on third party websites (remarketing).